Application Development.

At Design Garden we’re app development experts and we’re ready to cultivate your next big idea into a flourishing digital experience.

Center for Energy and Environment

Matt Kirk, owner and lead developer at Design Garden, was instrumental in creating software that leverages Wi-Fi LBS technology to enhance building energy efficiency. The software developed by Matt integrates with building automation systems to utilize real-time occupancy data, enabling precise control over HVAC and lighting systems based on actual space usage.

Deployment at a pilot commercial building resulted in a measurable decrease in energy consumption, demonstrating the potential scalability of this technology for broader market adoption.

Lake Forecast was developed by Design.Garden for the Clean Lakes Alliance. It’s a cutting-edge web application designed to enhance community engagement and awareness around lake health.

Utilizing Angular.js within a custom WordPress plugin, the application integrates into the Divi Page Builder, enabling easy customization and management. The website features a dynamic service that regularly scrapes and updates water quality data from public beaches, presenting it through an accessible API built into WordPress. This tool supports real-time lake condition monitoring, empowering users with the information needed to actively participate in local water conservation efforts.

Direct Observation of Clinical Care

The DOCC app is a tool designed by Design Garden for faculty members and other evaluators to do on-the-spot or scheduled direct observation assessments of residents and fellows performing clinical activities.

The DOCC app is designed as an open access tool freely available to Sponsoring Institutions and programs to implement on-premises, either on a local server or using hosting service.