About us.

Design.Garden is a web design agency located in Madison, WI. That’s the basic info, but more than that we are a crew of friendly experts that live to bring websites to life.

A little history.

We didn’t just appear out of thin air. We got our start as the web development department of 5NINES. 5NINES is a locally owned technology company that has been around for over 20 years. As 5NINES Web Services grew and became more independent it was time for our team to  branch out. In January of 2021 we became Design.Garden.

Meet the team.

Matt Kirk

Technical Lead | Garden Owner

Matt Kirk is just about the easiest software engineer you may ever work with. Don’t let his kindness fool you though. He is likely one of the sharpest developers out there. He can solve any problem you throw at him and explain it in a way anyone can understand. Design.Garden is pretty lucky to be owned by such an approachable wiz kid.


Rebecca Sullivan

Creative Lead | Digital Landscaper

If you have an idea Rebecca Sullivan will bring it to life. She is wildly creative, but ultra methodical in her approach. Sure, she has the experience to create designs that safely cover all the bases, but its her friendly intuition, unwavering client committment and streaks of creative genius that make your brand and story come alive.


Caleb Rortvedt

Web Developer | Code Cultivator

Caleb Rortvedt brings all the enthusiasm to Design.Garden. His eagerness to investigate problems, respond to clients, build sites, dig into code and data is unmatched. If you have ever messaged us for technical support on a Sunday it was likely Caleb who messaged you back with a resolution. Not because he has to, because he wanted to. That’s Caleb!

Design.Garden is 100% remote, 100% vaxxed and 100% dependable.

We felt this was important for you to know otherwise you would never be able to tell. We are a tight knit team that collaborates continuously. We meet via Zoom every morning to review tasks and projects. We communicate throughout the day to troubleshoot, inspire, assist and push each other to exceed expectations. Working from home has only made our team more efficient. Don’t worry, we still love to meet in person. We are fully vaxxed and boosted, have access to great meeting spaces and are willing to meet you where you are providing you are vaxxed as well.


Clients say nice things about us.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt Kirk on a DOE project and his expertise and participation have been invaluable. He has been a great partner on this project, providing input, feedback, and guidance on the work. I look forward to further opportunities to work with Matt.”

Lester Shen, Ph.D.
Senior Research Engineer
Center for Energy and Environment