Smart, fresh, organic web development.

Design.Garden is a full service web agency providing services ranging from online brand strategy and creative design to technical support and custom programming.

A small team of personable experts.

We listen closely, respond quickly and use collaboration to dig up the best solutions.

Simple solutions rooted in technical expertise.

Our technical capabilities are no joke, but knowing what can be simplified while getting the same results is a special skill. Our goal is to create solutions that save you time and money. You need someone smart and clever for that.

Strategically engaging digital landscapes.

Your website needs to do more than look good. It needs to captivate your audience. You have one second to hook them. We make sure your site is not only beautiful, but that it connects with your audience in ways that bring you more business.

The fruits of our labor.

We are only as good as the work we produce and the relationships we cultivate. See what can be produced from being good listeners and experts in our field.

Clients say nice things about us.

“The entire Design Garden team is such a pleasure to work with; they are clever, imaginative, and very responsive to our needs. Their process transparency, patience, and helpful suggestions went a long way in making me feel at home in a space they clearly know so well. I was apprehensive to start the re-design process for our website, but I was put at ease at our first meeting and have enjoyed the entire journey. I would not hesitate to recommend the Design Garden web development team for your next project.”

Poppy Conlon
Vice President of Marketing
Conlon Construction